Yoga Classes in Ocean City, MD


Thank you for providing the most relaxing hour of my week. I do feel like I stand and sit better thanks to you.
— Patti W.

Thank you for keeping me flexible, and for helping me eliminate a lot of pain. You have a special gift, and it's been a pleasure learning from you.
— Barb D.

Thank you so much Tracy for being so sweet, kind and knowledgeable – helping us all to keep flexible and moving. I truly feel that you have given us all the greatest gift, and it is really appreciated.
— Helen M.

Tracy is an excellent and patient yoga instructor. Tracy's classes are more than a sequence of yoga poses—she intuitively responds to what your mind and body need for that day. I highly recommend Tracy as a yoga instructor and taking her classes are one of the best gifts you can give yourself.
— Louise M.

(From an email sent to his regular yoga teacher at Yoga Yoga in Austin, Texas)
Last night I went to a Level 1 class at a small studio south of Rehoboth Beach DE. ... Well, the class was absolutely great and I really liked this teacher. We are so fortunate what we have in Austin and I wanted to introduce her to your network of women. ... So please meet Tracy Southard from the beaches of Delaware and Maryland. ... She is a good teacher.
— Michael J.